Automotive Parts

Our network in the scope of automotive parts and distribution ranges from OEM chassis and propeller shaft to automotive battery manufacturers and distributors.

Automotive Parts Sales

· PT. Santiniluwansa Lestari
Automotive & Motorcycle Parts Sole Distributor for Indonesia.
· PT. Santinilestari Graha Aksimeka
Automotive Parts Dealer, Jakarta & surrounding areas (Jabodetabek).
· PT. Santinilestari Jabar Sentosa
Automotive Parts Dealer, West Java.
· PT. Santinilestari Graha Sentosa
Automotive Parts Dealer, Central Java & Jogjakarta.
· PT. Santinilestari Graha Surya Sentosa
Automotive Parts Dealer, East Java.
· PT. Santinilestari Graha Dewata
Automotive Parts Dealer, Bali & Lombok.
· PT. Santinilestari Berkat Sentosa
Automotive Parts Dealer, South Sulawesi.
· PT. Santinilestari Wijaya Sakti
Automotive Parts Dealer, East Kalimantan.
· PT. Santinilestari Sriwijaya Mandiri
Automotive Parts Dealer, South Sumatera & Bangka.
· PT. Santinilestari Kawanua Sejahtera
Automotive Parts Dealer, North Sulawesi.
· PT. Santinilestari Gemilang Utama
Automotive Parts Dealer, North Sumatera.
· PT. Santinilestari Sumbar Sejahtera
Automotive Parts Dealer, West Sumatera.


· PT. Minerva Motor Indonesia
Manufacturer & distributor of Minerva Sachs motorcycle, Jakarta.

Motorcycle Tires Sales

· PT. Santinilestari Jentera Indojaya
Distributor of motorcycle tires and battery, Indonesia.

Automotive Parts Manufacturer

· PT. Trimitra Baterai Prakasa
Manufacturer of G-Force, Yuasa, and Massiv Automotive Battery Jakarta.
· PT. Gemala Kempa Daya
Frame chassis and press parts manufacturer, Jakarta.
· PT. Inti Ganda Perdana
A rear axle and propeller shafts manufacturer, Jakarta.
· PT. Asano Gear Indonesia
Automobile and parts machining manufacturer, from carrier assembly line to companion flange machining line, Jakarta.
· PT. Wahana Eka Paramitra
An automotive parts investment company.
· PT. Akashi Wahana Indonesia
Transmission assembly and machining parts manufacturer, Jakarta.
· PT. Sumiden Sintered Components Indonesia
Manufacturing and sales of sintered power metal product, Bekasi, West Java.
· PT. Sumber Rubberindo Jaya
Motorcycle tires manufacture and rubber processing, Surabaya, East Java.